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Tsunami waves as critical phenomena

Authors :

  • Dimitri Volchenkov (Universität Bielefeld)

Abstract :

We propose a self-consistent gauge-invariant theory explaining the appearance of tsunami waves as a result of spontaneous symmetry breaking of U(1) and Galilean symmetries in ideal fluid coupled to a local external perturbation (that can occur when thrust faults associated with convergent or destructive plate boundaries move abruptly, resulting in water displacement, owing to the vertical component of movement involved). The results achieved give a key for better understanding many ocean phenomena like the generation of tsunami waves and the meanders close to ocean currents. We describe the phase transition from whirlpools to tsunami waves, calculate the asymptotes of correlation functions, and discuss the Goldstone asymptotic behavior of perturbed water.

Keywords :

Physics of tsunami waves; Renormalization group method; Goldstone theorem

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Publication date : 2013-08-02

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